Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Most Successful Project

My most successful project was the first project that we did. I created a lion and tiger using chalk pastels and charcoal on wood planks. I used line as my highlighted art device. I thought that this piece was successful because the final product was similar to the pictures that i went off of. I was content with how the final project looked and that is why I find this particular project to be my most successful. I was proud of what the completed piece looked like so now I have it in my room.

My Least Successful Project

This project was my least successful. I tried to get a good muse for the idea behind this piece but I had a hard time getting into it. Even though this project wasn't a success, I still enjoyed using the colored pencils as my medium. I didn't end up completing this project because I ran out of time in class but I will probably continue it at home. I was planning on creating a modern version of a typical housewife compared to that in the fifties or sixties but I was never able to execute it.